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See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.Children's Music Class

Thank you so much for the great music experience we had while living in Milwaukee. We listen to the CDs all the time and each CD reminds me of that class and who was in it. My favorite is still the first CD, the Bells, and that class is where I made my best friends since we’ve lived here. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you.
Julie, Will and Johnny

As a result of your classes (this will be our fourth), music has become integrated into Mia And Ceci’s lives. We play the CDs while driving and Ceci immediately smiles and sways back and fourth to the music, Mia sings and makes new verses etc. At home the girls spontaneously dance or play rhythm instruments to the music. They enjoy many different types of music and love to go to live performances from the symphony and ballet to musicals and marching bands. As a grandparent it make me so happy not only to share these experiences with them, but to feel that I am giving them a gift that will enhance their lives and bring them joy for the rest of their lives.
Children's Music ClassJan, MIlwaukee

This is a great class for children to develop appreciation for music. It is also a wonderful bonding experience for children with their parents or caregivers. My daughter looks forward to going to class each week.
Jen, Milwaukee

Naomi is an excellent teacher full of exuberance and love for children and music alike. Her energy is infectious and her musical talent and skill as a teacher is exceptional. Thank-you so much for giving your many gifts to my family.
Johanna, Milwaukee

Ms. Naomi is so patient and has great advice on how to get your child to participate. This music is excellent and draws my child in. He is constantly singing those songs at home.
Children's Music ClassSarah, Mequon

Naomi is a wonderful, relaxed teacher who is both knowledgeable about music and gentle and encouraging with children. She is also very reassuring to the parent. She allows each child to learn in his/her own way. but assures the parent that the child is learning. My 10 month old responds to music and my 2 year old sings and dances to the music.
Reva, Bayside

We have been in Naomi’s music class for 2 years, ever since we moved here. I don’t think there is a more enthusiastic and fun music teacher that is supremely age appropriate than Naomi. If you take this class, you’ll find it a true winner!
Kathy, Shorewood