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naomiAbout the Teacher

Naomi Bodine, B.A Music Therapy, University of Kansas

Naomi has taught Music Together® since 2001. She has been providing Music Therapy services to children with special needs, adults with developmental disabilities and the elderly. She has taught piano in private lessons. She plays piano, harp and guitar.

The Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ awarded Music Together Certification Level 1 status to Naomi for outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy and parent education.

B.A. Music Therapy University of Kansas
Music Together Certification Level 1
Board Certified Music Therapist
Wisconsin Registered Music Therapist

Message from Naomi

I have loved teaching Music together classes since 2001. I researched many different programs before starting Music Together.

I chose the Music Together program for several reasons.

First, the music is so rich, fun and appropriate for children.
Second, adults participate and also enjoy the music with them.
Third, the quality of the music and materials
Fourth, the mixed age groups provide a wonderful, dynamic family setting
Even though I’ve been teaching Music Together for a long time, I never feel tired of it.

I really want to bring active music making to families. If the adults enjoy it, children will have fun and learn more from it.

My goal for this class is not only teaching music to children but also making families and the community enjoy music making together!

I see a lot of laughs, smiles and excitement in the class. I love Music Together! Remember young children learn from the play and fun things the most!!