How long are classes and how often do classes meet?
Classes last 45 minutes. Once a week, for 10 weeks.

May I leave my child at class?
No, these classes are for children and their caregivers. Children must be accompanied by a parent, guarding, or nanny.

What ages are the classes for?
Music Together mixed-age classes are for infants to 5-year-olds.

How many sessions in a year?
Three 10-week sessions. Starting in September, January, and April each year.

Is there any discount?
Yes, infants up to 8 months are free with paid sibling.  You will also receive $25 discount per new family you refer.

May I make-up a class if I missed?
Yes, please review Make-up Option page for more information.

What kind of activities should I expect in the class?
Children and parents sit in the circle, and start with the “Hello Song” including names of everyone attending.
We do finger plays and little movements on the floor.
We stand up and play big movements with music.
We play egg shakers, rhythm sticks, drums, resonator bells, parachute, scarves, and other assorted instruments.
We dance and play-along with instruments they choose.
We have calm-down time.
We sing the “Good bye” song including children’s names.

Do I get a copy of the music?
Yes, Music Together LLC provides CDs and book that we use in the class.

Is the music different every semester?
Yes, Music Together has 9 different collections. You can have different music for up to 3 years.

May I try a sample class before I commit to 10-week session?
Yes!  Please contact me to schedule a sample class.

I want to learn more about Music Together.
Please visit Music Together LLC website.  http://www.musictogether.com/FAQs

Class Locations

Tell my more about Glendale location.
Brass Bell Music Store

210 W Silver Spring Drive Glendale, WI 53209

Brass Bell Music Store is located in a strip mall at the North West Corner of Silver Spring Drive  and Lydell Avenue.

From the east on Silver Spring drive: Turn right on Lydell Ave and drive into the parking lot on your left.  Brass Bell Music Store is on the west side of the building.

From the west on Silver Spring drive: Turn left on Lydell Ave and drive into the parking lot on your left. Brass Bell Music Store is on the west side of the building.

There are a lot of  parking spaces in front of the store.  The store opens at 10:00AM.  Our room is on your right hand side toward the end when you enter the store. There is a waiting area in front of our room too.

Tell me more about Mequon location.

St Boniface Episcopal Church – there is a sign for Mequon Preschool by the road
3906 W Mequon Rd

Mequon, WI 53092

There are a lot of  parking spaces in front of the church.  You can enter the right side (east side) from the parking lot on Mequon Rd.  You can just come to straight to the room when you enter the building.

Tell me more about Grafton location.
Creekside Music & Naturals

1310 12th Ave
Grafton, WI 53204


The Creekside Music location is in Paramount Plaza in Grafton downtown.  The parking is in the south side of the building or on street.
The door sign will be displayed “Closed” for the store but door is open for our class.